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We're on a mission to connect banks, brokers and borrowers in a digitalized world

Karman Connect helps banks and brokers shine like bright stars in the digitalized lending markets. Helping them to reach further. Faster.


Digital bank
  • Win market share
  • Improve ROAS
  • Ensure brand safety
Loan broker
  • Expand reach
  • Create growth
  • Improve ROAS
Media & marketplaces
  • Build new revenue streams
  • Avoid revenue cannibalism
  • Gain vertical exclusivity
Affiliate network
  • Build revenue
  • Enhance reach
  • Trusted partner
Value provider
  • Access convertible users
  • Reach attractive segments
  • Sustainable partnership

Reach further.

Karman Connect is a data-driven fintech company. We use AI and advanced algorithms to analyze and segment anonymized search- and channel data from millions of high-intent borrowers.

Our state-of-the-art algorithms connect the dots and present borrowers with the loan options that best match their needs.

Six reasons to take off with Karman Connect:
  • Reaching millions of Europeans
  • High-quality segmentation
  • New customer segments
  • Improved ROAS
  • Consistent delivery
  • Brand safety

Performance based

Our business model is designed to ensure effectiveness. That’s why we always create a reward scheme with performance based trigger points that match your individual needs.

Our digital experts are ready and waiting to put together a commission solution that matches the needs of your company in full.

Performance based reward

Since 2014, we have taken our customers to the Karman Line of digitalized lending. And beyond.

The story of Karman Connect starts back in 2014 when two friends – Andreas Linde and Stefan Vinding Olesen – discover a shared interest in increasing transparency on the internet through the establishment of customer-centric comparison sites. Such sites, focused on providing consumer service, started to flex its muscles in the fields of air travel and hotel accommodation.

The two entrepreneurs quickly choose to focus on the market for unsecured consumer loans, with the stated aim of improving transparency for consumers and providing them with easier access to the best possible unsecured loans.


New customers
can strap in here

Whether you are a digital bank looking to capture new market shares, a conventional bank keen to establish a digital presence, a loan broker with a taste for vast reach, an online media or user portal looking for additional revenue streams, or a value provider aiming to add new user consents to your sales pipeline, you can commence your countdown right here. No strings attached.

Please note:
Karman Connect is a business-to-business fintech company.
As such, we do NOT advise individuals on personal finance or getting a loan.