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Karman Connect operates a broad portfolio of high-profile, own brand and private label comparison sites in the field of unsecured consumer loans.

We are the leading player in the Nordic region and are currently implementing an ambitious growth strategy in Europe, aimed at strengthening our market position in countries including Spain, France, Germany, Poland, Italy, Austria and UK on a daily basis. With more countries to come.

Affiliate networks

A strategic

On all our markets, we work closely with leading affiliate networks, usually as a Preferred Strategic Partner. This is a status firmly anchored in our data-driven approach to development, operation, reporting and expansion.

Customer attraction
Developed in-house, our Data Engine constitutes the core of all our loan comparison sites and enables Karman Connect to operate with the highest ROAS on the market, thanks to paid search (SEM) market shares and organic search (SEO) visibility that are top-of-market.
Using our excellent fintech solutions and best-in-class data warehousing, we have the capacity to turn our millions of anonymous visitors into deep insights.
Taking our comprehensive analysis data as our starting point, we segment users according to various parameters to find the banks that present the best match for each user.
Based on this segmentation, we present users with highly relevant lists of loan options. These lists contain the loan offers that provide the best match for their searches – and those of their peers – at the time. This helps ensure the conversion rates and the ROAS that make us a preferred affiliate.
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Tactical Key Metrics Reporting

Tactical Key Metrics

As an affiliate network, you will be able to optimize input continuously for the advertisers running your campaigns on one or more of our loan comparison sites. As such, we provide deep insight and customer-specific benchmarking, continuously and on-demand.

Compliance and brand

And as a crucial element of our business, Karman Connect assures compliance with all requirements in relation to

  • the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • transparency
  • good business practice
  • customer-specific requirements for compliance
Compliance and brand safety

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