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As a loan broker, you should reflect on (at least) four parameters when choosing your marketing channels:

  1. Elevated volume of high-intent borrowers
  2. High conversion rate
  3. Rapid and scalable results
  4. Brand safety for your bank partners

At Karman Connect, we develop and run a range of the leading comparison sites in Europe for unsecured consumer loans. As an affiliate, we are thus in a position to guarantee ambitious loan brokers the highest possible ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) at the lowest possible risk.

Loan brokers
Loan brokers

How we

Ever since we started up back in 2014, we’ve been driven by our mission to connect banks, brokers and borrowers in an increasingly digitalized world. It is a mission which, on the basis of our expertise in online marketing, our in-depth market insight, and our efficient use of data provides customers with:

  • significant results
  • new market
  • new customer segments
  • organic growth

At the same time, we focus unswervingly on improving transparency in the loan market – and on delivering brand safety for our customers.

Valuable Business

Karman Connect’s cutting-edge fintech solutions and best-in-class data warehousing enable us to analyse and segment the huge numbers of visitors to our loan comparison sites.

We are extremely data-driven and provide leading loan brokers with access to valuable Business Intelligence in the form of Tactical Key Metrics reporting. At the same time, our effective BI infrastructure opens the door to unique opportunities to benchmark your ongoing results against a wide range of parameters.

Valuable business intelligence


The anonymised segmentation of our huge numbers of users is based on

  • channels (SEO, Google AdWords, SoMe, content, etc.)
  • search terms
  • data-based knowledge about where a user’s peers have found a bank match.

And as a natural part of our business model, we assure constant compliance with all requirements in relation to

  • the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • transparency
  • good business practice
  • customer-specific requirements for compliance
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What we

Our different comparison sites are all based on Karman Connect’s own Data Engine and have been given a top ranking by users on the different European markets. In addition, we run a variety of comparison sites in partnership with strong media brands, online marketplaces and consumer portals.

A feature shared by all our sites is that they give users access to a fully customized list of relevant loan options.

As a loan broker with Karman Connect, we enable you to unlock a prominent position on our lists presented to high-intent borrowers.

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