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Media &

Digital media, marketplaces, communities and user platforms are constantly on the lookout for additional revenue streams – new ways to capitalize their users and assets, without cannibalising existing sources of income.

As a leading fintech company specializing in increasing transparency on the European markets for unsecured consumer loans, Karman Connect opens the door to an extra vertical in your company’s product mix.


and Play

A private label partner solution translates into a hassle-free and efficient revenue stream, where Karman Connect provides tech, content and reach.

Karman Connect

  • sets up the site and maintain everything from our proprietary platform
  • provides high quality content and marketing strategy
  • takes care of the ongoing operation and optimization
  • adapts the site and marketing to your unique requirements
  • provides value-generating content for your users and lost inventory
  • reports continuously on eCPM, earnings and other key metrics.


  • entrust a part of your domain in our capable hands and then lean back and enjoy the additional revenue.
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