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More than three million users in Europe use Karman Connect’s services every year through our own brand and partner brand loan comparison sites.

Our users are interested in private finances and are often in the process of reviewing their personal budget. For this reason, they are also receptive to opportunities that can improve their current position – and which may even increase their creditworthiness, hence improving their chances of being approved and reducing the interest rate they are being offered.

Value providers
Valuable consent


Your value offer will be presented to our users as an additional text section below the form they fill out to get their list of relevant loan options. We will present your offer

  • on one or more markets (i.e. countries)
  • for an agreed period.

your value offer, their consent is immediately forwarded via API together with information about their

  • name
  • email address
  • phone number

High consent

Our experience indicates that Value Providing Partners will experience a stable supply of permissions in the thousands along with a high closing rate.

High consent rates

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Commercial team