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Data-driven scaling is at the heart of our shared growth journey with Sambla Group


In 2021, Sambla and Advisa completed a merger that brought together the two main challengers in the Scandinavian loan brokerage market.

The merger marked the start of an expansion which, with Nordic Capital as the new majority owner and involving a series of strategic acquisitions, has made Sambla Group the No. 1 broker on the consumer loans market in the Nordic region.

Even before the merger, Karman Connect was delivering high-quality traffic to both Sambla and Advisa. Since it was completed, however, our working relationship has advanced and intensified to encompass even closer dialogue and structured knowledge sharing. Today, Karman Connect provides continuous input for data-driven optimization and scaling, while market trends are likewise constantly benchmarked against the performance of Sambla Group’s strong loan comparison brands on the Nordic markets.

So far, the result has been a near tripling of Karman Connect’s delivery of approved loan applications to Sambla Group’s Nordic brands.

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Karman Connect’s delivery of high-intent users to Sambla Group's brands has almost tripled in the period from 2020-21 – a remarkable increase built largely on intensified knowledge sharing about market trends and optimization opportunities.

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“From the very beginning, our working relationship with Karman Connect has been distinguished by a high degree of transparency, knowledge sharing and mutual trust. At the same time, we have both taken a long-term approach to the partnership. Karman Connect never tries to cut corners, preferring to act proactively with the aim of creating the best possible results for Sambla Group and our individual loan broker brands.

Throughout our shared growth journey, Karman Connect has demonstrated a unique ability to read the market and translate insights and comprehensive data into valuable recommendations and performance.

I am extremely happy with the working relationship with Karman Connect and I really appreciate what they bring to the table as a marketing channel, as a business partner, and as people.”

Joel Gustafsson
Senior Affiliate & Partner Specialist, Sambla Group