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Since 2014, we have taken our customers to the Karman Line of digitalized lending. And beyond.

The story of Karman Connect starts back in 2014 when two friends – Andreas Linde and Stefan Vinding Olesen – discover a shared interest in increasing transparency on the internet through the establishment of customer-centric comparison sites. Such sites, focused on providing consumer service, started to flex its muscles in the fields of air travel and hotel accommodation.

The two entrepreneurs quickly choose to focus on the market for unsecured consumer loans, with the stated aim of improving transparency for consumers and providing them with easier access to the best possible unsecured loans.

Wind in their sails

Wind in
their sails

The combination of a distinctly data-driven approach, solid online marketing skills and an unswerving ambition to enter into mutually beneficial partnerships with banks, loan brokers, affiliate networks and other platforms soon translates into wind in the sails of the young company.

As early as in 2016, North Media A/S buys a stake in Karman Connect (formerly Lead Supply). The investment provides the firm with the experience, skills and financial muscle it needs to expand even further – and even faster.

Growth, growth and more growth

growth and
more growth

Backed by the new resources, the company soon adds new markets to its portfolio. Karman Connect initially expands into Sweden, with Finland and Norway following in short order. Over the coming years, the rapidly growing fintech operation makes its services available to lenders, loan brokers and borrowers in a range of European countries including France, Germany, Poland and Spain.

In 2019, Karman Connect is the fastest growing company in Central Denmark Region and the fourth fastest in all of Denmark. Plus, we are awarded the title of “Gazelle Company” – a designation reserved for rapidly growing companies that have, as a minimum, doubled their revenue over a period of four years. It is an honour that has been accorded annually since 1995 by Dagbladet Børsen, the leading business medium in Denmark.


New name marks
new identity

To mark our transformation from an online marketing player to a leading international fintech company, Lead Supply changes its name to Karman Connect A/S in June 2022.

Our name is inspired by the imaginary line that 100 kilometers out marks the boundary between Earth's atmosphere and outer space: the Karman Line, often also referred to as “where space begins”.

A look towards the Karman Line visualizes the journey we are on: Accelerating transparent digital lending in the banking universe. We help banks and brokers shine even brighter in the digitalized lending markets. We reach for the stars in everything we do. As a company. And as a team of dedicated Karmanuats.

  • 2014
    Company founded
    under the name of Lead Supply
    Launch of
    the Fairlån (Fair Loan) consumer brand
  • 2015
    Expansion into
    Norway and Sweden
  • 2016
    North Media A/S
    purchases 50% of the business
    Launch of
    the Matchbanker consumer brand
  • 2017
    Expansion into
    France, Germany and Spain
  • 2019
    Lead Supply Named
    “Gazelle company of the Year” in Central Jutland
    Launch of
    the LoanScouter consumer brand
  • 2020
    Work from home
    and innovation in remote working
  • 2021
    New strategy
    with the emphasis on reinforcing the technological and commercial infrastructure
    Launch of
    strategic media partnership with the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet
  • 2022
    Lead Supply
    changes its name to Karman Connect
    Expansion into
    Austria, Italy and the UK