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Data, tech and artificial intelligence (AI) are the core of what makes Karman Connect unique. Which only makes it natural for us to have our AI spokesperson present our core narrative, don't you think? (And yes, she is computer generated, no matter how real se looks).

What we do.
And why

Karman Connect helps banks and brokers boost their online competitiveness and shine even brighter in the digitalized lending markets.

We’re firm believers in the power of data. That’s why we base our services on cutting-edge fintech solutions that enable us to analyse and segment anonymized data about millions of consumers. High-intent borrowers who put their trust in our premium loan comparison sites in almost a dozen European markets.

In each market, we connect the dots and present consumers with the loans that best match their needs and financial situation, always providing a fast, user-friendly and transparent service. This powerful segmentation helps generate growth and increasing market share for our clients. In addition, we offer plug-and-play loan comparison sites for online media and marketplaces looking to build an extra revenue stream.

The way we interact with our clients can best be described as“international with a Danish twist”: highly professional, ambitious and with an unrelenting focus on creating results. But still relaxed, empathic and easy to talk to.

The desire to reach for the stars is deeply rooted in our DNA. Always with a clear mission: to create the strongest possible connections between borrowers and lenders.

Karman Connect – we help digital lenders reach further. Faster.

Karman Connect
– we help digital
lenders reach
further. Faster.

New customers
can strap in here

Whether you are a digital bank looking to capture new market shares, a conventional bank keen to establish a digital presence, a loan broker with a taste for vast reach, an online media or user portal looking for additional revenue streams, or a value provider aiming to add new user consents to your sales pipeline, you can commence your countdown right here. No strings attached.

Please note:
Karman Connect is a business-to-business fintech company.
As such, we do NOT advise individuals on personal finance or getting a loan.