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Adservice testimonial

“Karman Connect is a really good match for Adservice and our affiliate network – in every respect. In the role of publisher, their work with their platforms is extremely professional, and their approach to customer quality, compliance and good business practice is fully in line with our own. This translates into a high level of brand safety, which is critical to Adservice given that we serve a large number of leading advertisers.

With Karman Connect, we never have to worry about our customers’ brand reputation and integrity. Simple as that.

In addition, our close working relationship and mutual trust constitute a great strength when Adservice enters new markets in step with our programme of continuous growth. Karman Connect is incredibly strong on data, which underpins our ability to advise our clients based on a solid foundation of facts and thus to offer the best possible marketing solutions. Both we and Karman Connect are currently expanding rapidly in Spain and in this context, knowing we have highly professional, trustworthy publishers in our network provides our team with a great sense of confidence and helps them build our reputation.”

Casper Grud
CEO, Adservice



April 2021 – April 2022

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